Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still waiting...

I've been planning to start a blog and have been putting it off at the same time for a few years, ever since I decided that I wanted to join the Peace Corps.  Now that I have finally been medically qualified, I decided that I may actually be getting in, and thus it is safe to start my blog.  This has been my timeline, so far:

June, 2008: Decided that I wanted to join the Peace Corps with Colin, started application
February, 2010: Re-started Peace Corps application, to apply by myself
March 01, 2010: Submitted Application
March 22, 2010: Interviewed with my recruiter, James, at the NY Peace Corps Headquarters in NYC
March 22, 2010: Nominated by recruiter to Sub-Saharan Africa Health Extension Program to depart 02/2010.
June 25, 2010: Peace Corps received my medical kit after many co-pays, labs, and visits with my physician, dentist, and OB/GYN
November 05, 2010: After lots of waiting and no news, followed by panic regarding my medical status, Peace Corps notified me that I have finally been medically qualified.

Now, I am waiting to hear about my legal clearance (possibly some difficulty there because I am married and serving without my spouse and because my spouse has a government clearance), followed by placement and invitation.  Supposedly, invitations usually come between one and four months before the departure date.

In the mean time, I will continue to volunteer at AIDS Care in Rochester, read books about the Peace Corps, and be generally anxious about when I will hear more news from PC.

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