Monday, November 8, 2010

Legal Clearance?

I decided to start nagging the legal office of the Peace Corps today.  I have had a legal hold on my account since about the beginning of this process.  All it says is, "Your legal eligibility to serve in the Peace Corps is currently under review. If further information is required, our legal eligibility specialist will contact you. TIP: Some commonly requested legal forms are available in the Download Center."  I have not been contacted by a legal eligibility specialist.  When I had a medical hold, I didn't get any information until I called my medical liaison, so I decided that I would call the legal office right away to get things cleared up more quickly.  When I called, I spoke to Jeff, who said that a colleague had been working on my file this morning and that all holds have been lifted.  This is great news, but I'm trying not to get too excited until I see that the hold is officially lifted in my online profile.  I imagine this will happen by tomorrow morning, as all of my profile update notifications have happened at around 5 a.m..  Jeff told me that all I need to do now is wait to hear from the Placement Office.

Some guesses as to where I could be going:  If I am invited to the original program for which I was nominated (Sub-Saharan Africa Health Extension, departing Feb. 2011), and if past years reflect what is likely to happen next year, I could be going to Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Namibia, or Zambia.  These countries have all had departure dates in February over the past few years, according to the Peace Corps Wiki page. I would be thrilled with any of them! 

This is what my online profile says regarding my medical clearance:
Complete. A decision has been reached regarding your medical review. Please look for a letter in the mail.

My medical assistance officer, Marta, told me on Friday that they will be mailing a letter to me on Monday (today).  I don't know if that means that they're sending it out today or that I should receive it today.  I'm hoping it will say that I am cleared without any limits.  Sometimes they'll put restrictions on where you can go based on your medical history, and I hope that I will avoid that.

That's all for now...

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