About Me

I am Tracy! I was nominated to the Peace Corps' Health Extension program in Sub-Saharan Africa and received my invitation to Botswana, departing April 1st. I am a sexologist (which is actually a real career), meaning that I have a Master's degree in Human Sexuality and I have worked/volunteered in the field of sexuality, education, and outreach. I have been married to Colin since June, 2004. Our parents live 20 minutes away from us. My sister, Kate, and her husband, Brent live in Korea. My sister-in-law, Caitlin, lives in NYC and works in PR. I recently survived 5 years as an Army Wife and am happy to be reunited with the civilian world and the Northeast (minus snow and cold). We recently bought our first house in the village of Brockport, NY. I love my cats (Molly, May, and Moo), swimming, wine, having wonderful friends up and down the East Coast, singing in the car, ice cream (& Lactaid), reading, thunderstorms, giant cocktail rings, and other peoples' babies. I am also interested in gender, marriage equality, feminism, LGBTQ rights, HIV/AIDS education & outreach, human rights, civil rights, and reproductive choice.