Sunday, November 14, 2010

On Stalking...

I've made a huge mistake.  So, there's this thing called the Internet.  And I've been using it to drive myself INSANE.  Tons of other PC people (nominees included) have blogs, and I've been reading them.  Why is this a mistake, you ask?  Doesn't the Peace Corps recommend this as part of your preparation?  Why, yes, in fact they do.  The problem is that I am using (ok, stalking) these blogs to over-analyze what is happening with my file.  Why haven't I received an invitation yet (because they hate me)? Have others received them (yes, and for programs that start even after February)?  Is my program still open (who knows? How do I even find that out?)?  Will I get to go to my original program (I want to!!!)? What if I get invited to Eastern Europe instead of Sub-Saharan Africa (I will be totally bummed)?  Are other people getting invites to MY program (as if I already have some sort of ownership over a yet-unknown program)?

I have also been stalking my mail carrier.  I sit and wait for him.  He usually arrives between 2:30 and 4:00.  He walks by my living room window- if I miss this, I can usually hear the clink of the mailbox next to my front door from anywhere in the house.  I usually try to wait until the mail carrier is off of my lawn before opening the door, sometimes in my pajamas (yes, sometimes I'm still in pajamas at 2:30, no judgement) to retrieve what is typically junk mail or bills.  Today is Sunday, which means I have been waiting for the mail for approximately 30 hours.  And I still have at least 15 hours to go.  If anyone is wondering why sometimes I'm in pajamas at 2:30, it's because I stretch my sleeping out as long as possible.  If I can sleep until 2:00, it may only be a half hour of waiting for my mail.  Some people might call that lazy/crazy, I call it efficient and adaptive.

I've assigned Colin with the task of naming my blog, as "Tracy's Peace Corps Blog" is pretty boring and not as cool as the titles of these other PC blogs.  I mean, they have some awesome titles that are witty or esoteric or inspiring.  Colin said, "At least everyone will know what your blog is about!"  Then I decided we could name it something cool with "Tracy's Peace Corps Blog" in parenthesis after aforementioned cool title so that there would be no confusion and yet I'd still be cool.  This was followed by some stupid suggestions by Colin, to include "Chumbawumba (Tracy's Peace Corps Blog)".  So for now, I'm calling my blog, "Interesting Title (Tracy's Peace Corps Blog)!", which Colin thinks is better and less disappointing than, "Fuck Me (Tracy's Peace Corps Blog)!".

Oh yeah, I should put a disclaimer on this- I swear a lot and make no apologies about it.  Colin, blog manager, find some way to put a disclaimer on the bottom about how I say inappropriate things and how it doesn't reflect on PC or the State Department or the government or whatever.


  1. This is one of my all-time favorite blog posts! Firstly because I know exactly how you feel, secondly because it's hysterical, and thirdly because, well, I know exactly how you feel. I over-indulge in reading Peace Corps blogs (I feel better educated and more neurotic as a result), I wait not-so-patiently for any and all forms of communication from Peace Corps, and my blog is named Tija In The Peace Corps (even though I'm not in the Peace Corps yet) and have racked my brain for a better title without luck. If Colin successfully names yours, put him to work on re-naming mine please! :)

  2. Tija, I came up with a cheesy name for my blog at about 3 a.m. this morning... What do you think?

  3. LOL... How about Tija's Uncharted Territory? Although it sounds like a virginal vagina euphemism or something...ha ha

  4. LOL!!! I wouldn't have thought of it like that but now that you mention it...! BAHAHAHAHAHA!