Friday, March 18, 2011

Angsty Party Prep

I am the worst, I know.  I haven't blogged in a long time, but really, what was I going to say?  It would probably go something like this: "Ah! I don't know how to pack.  Ah! I'm angsty and anxious.  Ah! We've been tearing our house apart for weeks painting, re-wiring, tiling, drywalling, plumbing, etc. trying to get our house ready for a raucous party.  Ah! I hate painting.  Ah!"  Didn't want to bore you all (you know, the hoards that are reading this).

Anyway, the house work is done (FINALLY) and just in time for me to enjoy it for less than 2 weeks before I peace out of here.  My going away party is tomorrow, and I'm super psyched.  I have people coming from far away to send me off and it's very exciting.  Lots of friends and family! I am lucky to have these people in my life.  I am planning to take lots of pictures and post the appropriate ones here and on Facebook. 

Other than that, I've whittled my stuff down to a manageable amount (I think) that fits (mostly) into my luggage.  My ticket to Philly is purchased and I fly in on Thursday, March 31st for staging, departing for Johannesburg (after a bus trip to JFK at 2 a.m.) on Saturday morning (a 15 hour flight), followed by a quick flight to Gaborone.  Woot!

That's it! Back to cleaning, cooking, and generally preparing for the debauchery tomorrow night.  Yee-haw!


  1. I know that you will have a wonderful send-off party, so here is wishing you a safe trip (all phases)!
    P.S. - The security word verification for posting this was 'WOMAUSE' - - - I am certain that you can make up a great definition for this and be able to use it in the future.

  2. Thanks, Lew! I have no idea what Womause could mean, but it sounds like a feminist re-appropriation of a word or something. Could be German.