Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Congratulations to Tija, Stephanie and Jessica who all received invitations very recently! Woo-hoo for y'all! Tija will be coming to Botswana as well, so that's especially exciting.  Sherlie, Natalie, Lew, Kelly, and the rest of you RASers, I know your invitations have to be just around the corner! I'm thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed that the agony of Waiting ends soon. 

In other news, Kim has started a very cool project, Snapshots of Service.  I am excited to become a part of it!

Not much else is happening here.  Feeling the crush of Restless Invitee Syndrome.  Thankfully, it's nowhere near as oppressive as RAS.  My sleeping bag, my rain jacket, my fleece and my Merrells have all arrived and seem to be everything I was hoping they would be and fit well.  Waiting on our new wedding rings and that's about it right now.  Still looking for the perfect duffle bag...


  1. Thank you Tracy!!! I am so excited that the invitation has finally come and that I'll be joining you in Botswana!!! WOOT WOOT!!! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed too for all those still waiting... It will happen soon! I'm seriously optimistic that things are going to start moving a lot faster for everyone!

  2. I'm DYING of RIS. I've started picking away at buying things, but since June is so far away, there's really no point. ughhh. but now I have the Snapshots project to get excited about :)

    sidenote: I see you're from Brockport. I'm from Victor! Woo Rochester!

  3. Ashley, I feel like Peace Corps prep can end up being pretty expensive. Between the medical costs, travel for interview, etc. and then the waiting time between invitation and departure, I have spent lots of money. The more time I have, the more stuff I feel like I need to buy, which is just really silly and probably counter-productive.

    Yes! That's so cool that you're from Victor! It is a small world. I "met" another applicant from Rochester online recently- she just did her interview a couple of weeks ago:
    Small world!

  4. Thanks for the good wishes Tracy!
    I also think Kim has begun a terrific program.
    I join you in hoping that everyone who hasn't heard from Placement will soon do so.

  5. Aww thank you for the kind wishes! I bet your positive thinking pushed my good fortune over the edge because I got my invite update yesterday! yAY! How do you know what to pack exactly? I am waiting my invite in the mail, so I am hoping they provide some pretty extensive info for packing.

  6. Sure, I'll take credit for that, Natalie :) So excited for you! I have been getting packing ideas mostly from the current Botswana volunteers. Their Facebook page had a ton of information, and we started one for our new group, too, and the current volunteers have been answering all of our packing questions. The packing info that came with my invite was pretty limited, so the other blogs and FB group has been really helpful. But the other volunteers keep telling us not to worry about it too much and so that's what I'm trying to do!