Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Uphill Battle for Tolerance

Some disturbing news from this week:

-This article in the Washington Post about persecution of gay people in Africa
-This article about Zimbabwe's chilling politically-motivated rape trend

Both are reminders that while things tend to suck sometimes for women, LGBTQ people, and other marginilized groups in the United States, they might be much, much worse in other parts of the world.  Teaching tolerance, which I think is a sad compromise vs. teaching acceptance or love or alliance, will probably be more of an uphill battle than I realize if it's something I'm able to attempt as part of my PC service.  I say "able" because I am aware that it may not always be safe for me to talk about certain subjects as freely as I do here, so I am hopeful that I will at least be able to attempt it with at least a few people where it's safe, practical, and where it is helpful.  If people are struggling to eat or get clean drinking water, talking to them about trans acceptance or gay rights isn't going to be very productive or helpful.

Just some thoughts for the day.

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  1. This is a humbling reminder of what so many are facing every day. It's a sad reality and I am grateful that you are tackling it. I usually say that I'm intolerant of intolerance but, I think in truth, what is more accurate is something I have printed on one of my tshirts: "fuck tolerance, i want equality!"